Teacher Education and Values Pedagogy
A Student Wellbeing Approach

Ron Toomey
Terry Lovat
Neville Clement
Kerry Dally

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276 pages, 240x175mm, Softcover
ISBN 9781921333-408

September 2010

The Book
This book is the third in a series that has applied the findings of values education projects to various fields of education. The findings are taken from updated international research with particular reference to those of the various projects that emanated from the Australian Values Education Program, 2003-2009.

In the first book, the findings that illustrated the close connection between values education and quality teaching were highlighted and referred to as a 'double helix'.

In the second book, findings from service learning were added to the mix, with the trio of values education, quality teaching and service learning referred to as a 'troika' that maximized student effects in schools, with some implications drawn for teacher education.

In this book, the ramifications and effects of the troika for teacher education are expanded on and applied across the range of foundations, curriculum studies and professional preparation fields relevant to teacher education. The editors were investigators and 'university friends' of the various projects of the Australian Values Education Program, while the authors have all pioneered the application of troika findings to teacher education in their own institutions and programs.

If the first book provided the essential theory and the second book began the work of making application to pedagogical realities in schools and teacher education, this book could be said to have 'closed the circle' of theory into practice, with particular emphasis on teacher education.


The Editors
The editorial team is at The University of Newcastle, Australia. Ron Toomey is Conjoint Professor of Education, Terry Lovat is Professor of Education, Neville Clement is a Research Associate and Kerry Dally is a Lecturer in Education.


The Evolution of Student Wellbeing Pedagogy and its Implications for Teacher Education
Terry Lovat and Ron Toomey

The First Pillar of the Student Wellbeing Pedagogy: The Neuroscience Research
Neville Clement

The Second Pillar of the Student Wellbeing Pedagogy: Social and Emotional Learning
Kerry Dally

The Third Pillar of the Student Wellbeing Pedagogy: Positive Educational Practices
Toni Noble and Helen McGrath

Service Learning in Teacher Education
Suzanne Carrington, K. Louise Mercer and Megan Kimber

Formation of Quality Pre-service Teachers through Leadership, Service and Pastoral Care
Chris Hackett and Shane Lavery

Embedding 'Philosophy in the Classroom' in Pre-Service Teacher Education
Elizabeth Curtis

The Troika, Student Wellbeing and Literacy Education
Jennifer Rennie and Shirley Theriot

Embedding Values through Global Education in Social Sciences Pre-Service Teacher Education: Linking the Head and Heart
Deborah Henderson

Values in Science and Environmental Education and Teacher Education
Russell Tytler, Laura Barraza and Kathy Paige

Mathematics Wellbeing and Teacher Education
Philip Clarkson, Wee Tiong Seah and Alan Bishop

Reflections on a Pre-service Teacher Education Approach through the Lens of the Troika
Robert Matthews


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