Developing a Faith-based Education
A Teacher’s Manual

Barbara J. Fisher
Faculty of Education, Avondale College

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234 pages, 240x175mm, softcover
ISBN 9781921333-231

Release Date:
February 2010

The Book
Teaching faith-based education is a challenging and sensitive issue in Australia’s 21st century multicultural society. With an increasing number of faith and belief systems becoming more prominent in educational sectors, it is vital that pre-service and practising teachers are equipped to teach effectively faith and belief systems to school children. Multiculturalism is inherently challenging because of its various component belief and value systems, and children need to know what they believe and why they believe it. It is a sobering realisation that, potentially, each faith and belief system is only one generation away from extinction.

Currently, many of the Christian textbooks used in Christian tertiary institutions are sourced from overseas, and include information that is not applicable or appropriate for an Australian setting. This textbook seeks to present an Australian perspective concerning the teaching of faith-based education.

Developing a Faith-based Education: A Teacher’s Manual offers a comprehensive and balanced view to support the nurturing of spirituality and faith formation for children 0–12 years of age. Though the textbook has been written primarily for early childhood and pre-service teachers, it will be a valuable resource to practising teachers, school administrators, and academics involved in professional development within the Christian school sector.


The Author
Barbara J. Fisher
is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Avondale College, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, where she has lectured in Religious Education – Curriculum Studies for over 20 years. She has taught in New Zealand, Queensland, and New South Wales primary schools, and studied and taught in the United States of America. Barbara has presented lectures on faith-based education for teacher in-service seminars in Australia and the South Pacific. She is passionate about faith-based education.


Section 1 – The 21st Century Faith-based Teachers
Chapter 1 Worldviews and 21st Century Teachers

Section 2 – Preparing to Teach 21st Century Faith-based Education
Chapter 2 Children in the 21st Century
Chapter 3 Children and Learning
Chapter 4 Understanding Children and their Faith Formation
Chapter 5 Learning to Know God
Chapter 6 Values Education in a Faith-based Context
Chapter 7 Organising Bible Learning

Section 3 – Activating 21st Century Faith-based Education
Chapter 8 Storytelling
Chapter 9 Experiencing God
Chapter 10 Factors to Consider when Planning a Biblical Studies Lesson
Chapter 11 Writing, Teaching, and Assessing the Biblical Studies Lesson
Chapter 12 Faith and Community

Appendix – I love to tell the story