Educational Psychology
Foundations of Learning and Development

Dr Steven Howard & Russell Walton

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ISBN 9781921333-545

Release Date:
February 2015

The Book
A primary goal of pre-service teacher training programs is to facilitate students’ understanding of the developing learner. Educational psychology provides important theoretical foundations in this regard, as well as insight into the educational implications and applications of these ideas. Educational Psychology: Foundations of Learning and Development provides a fresh look at established and contemporary educational theory, research and practice from an Australian perspective. The text provides a comprehensive view of seminal theory and research (e.g. Behaviourism, Piaget, Vygotsky, memory, intelligence), as well as often-overlooked topics (e.g. Cognitive Load Theory, creativity) relevant to educators, parents and educational institutions. Integral theoretical concepts are supplemented and supported not only by research evidence, but also by interesting and enlightening examples to make the text easily accessible, engaging and relevant for novices and professionals alike. Although written with pre-service teachers in mind, this text is equally useful for parents and educators seeking a better understanding of learning and development in childhood and adolescence.

Educational Psychology Applied to Teaching and Learning
Understanding the Developing Learner

• Physical Development
• Behaviourism & Social Learning Theory
• Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
• Vygotsky Socio-Cultural Theory
Cognitive Perspectives of Learning
• Mechanics of Memory (Information Processing)
• Structure & Construction of Knowledge (Schemas)
• Cognitive Load Theory
• Intelligence
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Needs
• Motivation
• Creativity (including problem solving and critical thinking)
• Social Development
• Emotional Development
• Spiritual and Moral Development

The Authors
Dr Steven Howard is an educational psychologist in the University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Having obtained his PhD in developmental psychology from York University (Canada), he now applies this expertise to teaching educational psychology and research methods for pre-service teachers. His program of research investigates the development of children’s domain-general cognitive processes (e.g., working memory, executive functions, attention, intelligence) and the educational implications of these changing cognitive capacities. This includes investigating means to optimise student outcomes given changes in the capacity and control of their domain-general functions. He is the recipient of student-nominated teaching awards in both psychology (from the Canadian Chairs of Departments of Psychology, 2010) and education (from the Australian College of Educators in 2013 and a UOW Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning Award in 2014).

Russell Walton teaches in educational psychology and gifted education in the School of Education at the University of Wollongong. His research interests lie in the areas of spirituality and giftedness, with a specific focus on variations in the manifestations of giftedness. He is the founder and editor of the Journal of Student Engagement: Education Matters, which is a platform for undergraduate education students to have their writing professionally reviewed and published. In 2014, he received a student-nominated Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning Award.