Teaching in the VET Sector in Australia

Edited by Ros Brennan Kemmis & Liz Atkins

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176pp, 275x195mm, Softcover

ISBN 9781921333-613

Available October 2014

The Book
Teaching in the VET sector is a complex and highly rewarding vocation. This book provides the reader with an in depth exploration of both the theory and the practice of teaching in this sector. Each chapter invites the reader to reflect on their own practice and offers practical examples and case stories to assist the teacher to develop their own professional expertise. The chapters have been written by highly acknowledged VET researchers and teachers and all the chapters have been reviewed by people with high levels of respect and credibility in the field.

This book provides the new teacher or trainee teacher with an overview of the VET sector in Australia and introduces the reader to some of the issues that are part of our VET environment. The book explores some of the dimensions of teaching and the diverse range of learners that are characteristic of any VET classroom, workshop or enterprise setting where teaching is taking place. The book also introduces the reader to some of the major learning theories that are relevant in VET and provides practical guidance on the implications of theory for VET practice.

High quality assessment is critical to the credibility of VET and the book includes a chapter where this controversial area is made accessible to the reader. Language Literacy and Numeracy are now an embedded feature of VET teaching and the chapter on this topic discusses different views of LLN and encourages the reader to interrogate their own skills and apply their learning to the their teaching. eLearning is increasingly part of VET teaching and this is discussed in detail. Similarly engaging with industry is fast becoming a significant part of the role of the VET teacher and the rationale and the practical and day to day implications for this development are explored.The act of teaching is investigated and this chapter brings together many of the themes raised elsewhere. Finally the reader is introduced to the benefits of reflective practice through an exploration of some of the ways that teachers can evaluate the effectiveness of their own teaching.

This book is a must for new teachers and a refreshing read for those already engaged in the field.

Editor Biographies
Associate Professor Ros Brennan Kemmis AM, is a faculty member of Charles Sturt University working within the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education (RIPPLE). Ros previously held the position of Head of the School of Education at Charles Sturt University. Her academic background is in the area of economic history (BA Hons). Ros holds a postgraduate Diploma in Language and Literacy (CSU) and a Master of Education. Ros’ areas of special interest have been in Indigenous education, VET pedagogy and practice, international perspectives’ in VET, apprenticeships, traineeships, and online teaching and learning.

Dr Liz Atkins is a Senior Lecturer in VET at Federation University Australia. Her research interests are related to professional education, social justice, inclusion and in/equalities in VET education. Liz originally trained as a psychiatric nurse. She has also worked extensively in the Further Education (TAFE) sector in the UK, and as an advisory teacher. Since 2004 Liz has worked as a Teacher Educator in universities in the UK and Australia.

CHAPTER 1 : The Context of Teaching in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia
CHAPTER 2 : Learning Theory for VET Teachers
CHAPTER 3 : Design, Development and Delivery in VET
CHAPTER 4 : Assessment in the VET Sector
CHAPTER 5 : Diverse Learners
CHAPTER 6 : Language, Literacy and Numeracy in VET Teaching
CHAPTER 7 : eLearning in Vocational Education and Training
CHAPTER 8 : Teachers Working in Partnership with Industry
CHAPTER 9 : Reflective Practice for VET Teachers