English Activities Book 1
for Special Education Years 7-9

A Teacher's Resource Book
Black Line Masters

John Peneder

$65 inc GST

168pp, 297x210mm, softcover
ISBN 9781921333-675

Release Date:
February 2015

These Activities can be used at any time and anywhere for students in Years 7–9.

The Book
English Activities Book 1 is part of a series for Special Education. The black line masters activities in this book have been developed and applied successfully where students need different types of assistance. They give students a very good grounding and practice in both familiar aspects of English, and others which may be new to them. English Activities Book 1 contains a great deal of variety, complexity, and differing approaches to areas of English.

Chapter 1: Specific Forms of Writing
Chapter 2: Homonyms
Chapter 3: Synonyms And Antonyms
Chapter 4: Replacing Words in Sentences
Chapter 5: Sentence Variations
Chapter 6: Building Words Into Paragraphs
Chapter 7: Digging In The Dictionary
Chapter 8: Search And Sift

The chapters in this book are arranged in the following way:

  • an overview of each chapter;
  • guide notes for the teacher;
  • activities for teacher use;
  • an activity for the student to design and create.
The Author
John Peneder is a successful teacher with 25 years experience in primary and secondary schools. He has taught in the public and Catholic school systems in New South Wales and South Australia. John presently teaches in Whyalla, and also undertakes home tutoring in English and Mathematics for an extensive range of students. John has a strong background in assisting students with special needs.

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