Updated Economics 2016 Edition
In three progressive parts

John Bulmer

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275x195mm, Softcover
Part A – ISBN 9781921333-712 – 160 pages
Part B – ISBN 9781921333-729 – 160 pages
Part C – ISBN 9781921333-736 – 128 pages

Release Dates:
Part A – Available October 2015
Part B – Available February 2016
Part C – Available June 2016

The Books
This project assists students and staff in Senior Secondary Schools keep pace with current events and developments in Economics.

Part A
The Global Economy/Australia's place in the Global Economy

Mainstream international economics topics (trade and protection, exchange rates, balance of payments) set within a theme of globalisation, economic development and variations in economic systems. Statistics on a wide range of nations. Plus a case study of China.

Part B
Economic Issues/Economic Management

A broadened range of issues with environmental economics and distribution of income and wealth added to economic growth, inflation, unemployment and external stability. Macro-economic and microeconomics policies to deal with these issues.

Part C
Australian Economic Update

Budget 2016/2017, current affairs plus activities, revision activities and study units.


The Author
John Bulmer
has had over 30 years classroom experience teaching Economics and business related subjects in a wide range of schools in NSW and Queensland.

It was as an examiner for the NSW Catholic Trial HSC that he was convinced to act on a view that the traditional textbook was an inadequate basis for a final year study programme dealing with the issues of the day. "Updated Economics" was born in late 1982 and quickly received a very positive response.

In the early 1990's he was attracted to also writing and publishing for the new Business Studies course in NSW. Time pressures led to a decision to specialise in writing and publishing rather than continuing in a Subject Master role and other activities including the Inaugural President of the NSW Catholic Secondary Schools Soccer Association and Selector of the NSW All Schools Soccer touring teams.

Contents Updated Economics Part A
The Global Economy
1. Features of the Global Economy
1.1 The Global Economy
1.2 World Production
1.3 Globalisation: Trends
1.4 Free Trade
1.5 Protection
1.6 Contemporary Trading Blocs and Agreements
1.7 International organisations
2. Impact of Globalisation on Global Living Standards
2.1 Variations in Global Living Standards
2.2 Contrasts in Levels of Development
2.3 The impact of Globalisation
2.4 Case Study

Australia's Place in the Global Economy

3. Exchange Rates
3.1 The Exchange Rate
3.2 Measurement of Relative Exchange Rates
3.3 Influences on the Demand for and Supply of $A
3.4 Changes in Exchange Rates
3.5 Different Systems of Determining Exchange Rates
3.6 The Influence on Exchange Rates of the Reserve Bank of Australia
3.7 The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on the Economy
4. Australia's Trade and Financial Flows
4.1 Australia's Economic Contacts with the World
4.2 Trends in Australia's International Economic Contacts
4.3 Australia's Balance of Payments
4.4 Trends in the Size and Composition of Australia's Balance of Payments
4.5 Reasons for Balance of Payments Composition and Trends
5. Balance of Payments Issues
5.1 Terms of Trade
5.2 The Size of the Current Account Deficit (CAD)
5.3 Foreign Debt and Foreign Liabilities
5.4 International Competitiveness
5.5 Structural Change
5.6 Case Study

Contents Updated Economics Part B
Economic Issues
1. Growth, Unemployment, Inflation and External Stability
1.1 Economic Growth
1.2 Unemployment
1.3 Inflation
1.4 External Stability
2. The Distribution of Income and Wealth and Environmental Management
2.1 Distribution of Income and Wealth
2.2 Environmental Management

Economic policies and Management
3. Economic Objectives and Macroeconomic Management
3.1 Economic Objectives and Management
3.2 Fiscal Policy
3.3 Monetary Policy
3.4 Prices and Incomes Policies
3.5 The Macroeconomic Policy Mix
4. Economic Management – Microeconomic Policy
4.1 The Objectives of Microeconomic Reform
4.2 Competition Policy: A Means to Change the Way Markets Operate
4.3 Trade and Industry Policies
4.4 Labour Market Policies
4.5 Economic Management Limitations
4.6 Policy Responses and Their Effects

Contents Updated Economics Part C
1. The Recent Performance of the Australian Economy
2. The Federal Budget 2016/2017
3. Revision Tests
4. Problems / Short Response Revision on Current Affairs
5. Study Units
6. Responses in Economics Examinations