Values Education and Quality Teaching
The Double Helix Effect

Terry Lovat

Professor of Education and Pro-Vice-Chancellor
The University of Newcastle

Ron Toomey
Adjunct Professor in The Centre for Life Long Learning
Australian Catholic University

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The Book
Values Education and Quality Teaching: The Double Helix Effect reports on the results of two of the major projects in the Australian Government's Values Education Program. These results point to the fact that Values Education can no longer be seen as marginal to the main role of teaching and schooling nor as a venture merely for religious schooling. In contrast, the results show that Values Education sits at the centre of teaching and schooling wherever it occurs. The importance of Values Education is in its potential to re-focus teachers and schools on their essential purpose, namely the holistic betterment of the students in their care.

Introduction: Values Education — A Brief History to Today (Terry Lovat and Ron Toomey)
Chapter 1: Values Education and Quality Teaching: Two Sides ofthe Learning Coin (Terry Lovat)
Chapter 2: Perspectives from Research and Practice in Values Education (Neville Clement)
Chapter 3: Student Action Teams, Values Education and Quality Teaching and Learning
— Case Study from Manningham Cluster, Victoria (Judith Chapman, Sue Cahill and Roger Holdsworth)
Chapter 4: Placing Values at the Centre of School Policy and Classroom Practice
— Case Study at Modbury School, South Australia (Colin MacMullin and Lina Scalfi)
Chapter 5: Moving Values Beyond the Half Hour: Peer Leadership and School Vision
— Case Study of Townsville Cluster, Queensland (Angela Hill and Malcolm Vick)
Chapter 6: Valuing Diversity in Children’s Voice — Case Study of the Western Australian Cluster (Kathryn Netherwood, Jenny Buchanan, David Palmer, Laura Stocker and Barry Down)
Chapter 7: Values and Quality Teaching at West Kidlington School, UK (Neil Hawkes)
Chapter 8: A Perfect Match: Living Values Educational Program and Adventura City of Excellence School, USA (Kathy Shea and Katherine Murphy)
Chapter 9: The Double Helix of Quality Teaching and Values Education and Its Implications for the Professional Lifelong Learning of Teachers (Ron Toomey)