Adult Education and Training

James Athanasou
Faculty of Education
University of Technology, Sydney

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320 pages, 240x174mm, Softcover
ISBN 9781921333-033

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The Book
Adult Education and Training is designed for a multiple readership. It is a first class text for the professional preparation of adult educators (i.e. TAFE teachers, adult trainers, community college teachers, language teachers, community educators and high school teachers of vocational education) completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in adult and vocational education and human resource development.

It will also provide a wide-ranging introduction to this field as well as being a key reference and handbook for those at the coalface of adult education and training.

Adult Education and Training arose from a major project to advance the field of adult learning in Australia. It is a collaborative effort that brings together some of the most well-known international and leading Australian authors in the field of adult education.
It deals with the key issues in post-compulsory education and training, such as critical thinking, transformative learning, gender issues, indigenous education and regional factors. There is coverage of adult education in an Australian context as well as the theory and practice of teaching and learning, namely, communication, individual differences, assessment, e-learning and research methods. It provides a unique and comprehensive introduction to the field of adult teaching and learning from specialists in each topic area.

About the Editor
Dr James Athanasou is a member of the Faculty of Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. He specialises in vocational guidance and assessment and has worked both in private industry and the public sector. He was formerly Principal Executive Officer, Human Resources Division, Department of Further Education, Training and Employment and has written over 150 publications in this field.

Approaches to Adult Education
James A. Athanasou, University of Technology, Sydney

Human Development and Adult Education: Personal, Interpersonal and Transpersonal
Marcie Boucouvalas, Virginia Tech University, USA

Transformative Learning
Patricia Cranton & Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Teaching Critical Thinking
Stephen Brookfeld, University of St Thomas, USA

Accounting for Women in Adult Education: From Problem to Possibility
Leona M. English, St Francis Xavier University, Canada

The Development of Adult and Vocational Education in the Australian Context
Roger Morris, University of Technology, Sydney

Teaching and Learning in Practice
Ros Brennan Kemmis, Charles Sturt University

Adult Education and Development
Bob Boughton, University of New England

Teaching Indigenous Students in Adult Education and Training
Ros Brennan Kemmis & Marianne Thurling, Charles Sturt University

A Storybook for Beginning Teachers in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy
Keiko Yasukawa, University of Technology, Sydney

Rich Vocational Learning
Stephen Billett, Griffith University

Instructional Design for Adult Learning
E. James Kehoe, University of New South Wales

Communication and Learning
Shirley Saunders, University of Technology, Sydney

Competency Assessment
Shelley Gillis & Patrick Griffin, University of Melbourne

Curriculum and Assessment in Vocational Education and Training
Erica Smith, Charles Sturt University

Research Sources and Methods
Brian C. Hemmings & John Connors, Charles Sturt University

e-Learning Experiences
Anne Bartlett-Bragg, University of Technology, Sydney